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你的运动时光,值得一份更专业、更贴心的呵护。CharMing&Dream 前拉链运动BRA 将成为你运动生活中不可或缺的一部分。无论是在健身房内挥汗如雨,还是在户外徜徉自由,这款运动内衣都能为你提供最佳的支撑和舒适度。






除了舒适与美观,CharMing&Dream 前拉链运动BRA 更注重运动内衣的功能性。采用先进的技术,提供稳固的支撑,让你在运动中不再受到束缚。加宽底围设计,稳固防下垂;防走光设计,让你在运动时零尴尬。


  • 面料名称: 锦纶/尼龙
  • 主面料成分: 锦纶/尼龙
  • 主面料成分的含量: 90%
  • 里料成分: 锦纶/尼龙
  • 里料成分含量: 90%
  • 款式: 运动型
  • 产地: 汕头
  • 罩杯型: 3/4罩杯
  • 模杯类型: 上薄下厚
  • 肩带类型: 固定双肩带
  • 排扣类型: 无排扣
  • 功能: 按摩、聚拢、无痕、透气、上托、无缝、美背、吸汗、防走光、调整型、舒适、大露背、侧收、收副乳、大胸显小
  • 颜色: 午夜黑、砂粉色、星朗蓝、浮雕绿
  • 尺码: S(95斤内)、M(95-110斤)、L(110斤-130斤)、XL(130斤-150斤)
  • 适用年龄段: 青年(18-40周岁)
  • 模杯面料: 海绵
  • 主面料成分含量: 90%(含)-95%(不含)
  • 肩带材质: 锦纶


  • 可拆胸垫: 提供自在优弹感,微加厚聚拢胸型,方便更换和清洗
  • 加宽底围: 前置拉链,加宽贴合腰腹,稳固防下垂
  • 交叉美背: 透气面料,防滑减压,展露性感蝴蝶骨
  • 舒适干爽: 运动不闷热,让你全情投入运动


CharMing&Dream 前拉链运动BRA 不仅是一款运动内衣,更是你运动生活中的贴心伙伴。无论你是健身达人还是初学者,它都能为你带来更多舒适与自信。现在就选择一款适合自己的尺码,让运动更轻松、更美好。


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Front Zipper Sports BRA: Bringing More Comfort and Confidence to Your Active Lifestyle

Your moments of exercise deserve a more professional and thoughtful care. The CharMing&Dream Front Zipper Sports BRA will become an indispensable part of your active life. Whether you’re sweating it out in the gym or enjoying the freedom of the outdoors, this sports underwear will provide you with the best support and comfort.

Dynamic Wear, Effortless Exercise

The front zipper design not only simplifies the steps of wearing and taking off but also allows you to focus more on your training during exercise. The locking design ensures distraction-free wear. Plus, with the hidden anti-explosive buckle, you can stay confident even during high-intensity workouts.

Ingenious Back Design, Confident Display

The unique hollow wide shoulder strap design not only provides a beautiful visual effect but also enhances the muscle movement of the back. Whether it’s yoga twists or running movements, you can confidently show off your beautiful back curves. Combined with high-stretch sports fabric, you can maintain elegance during exercise.

Perfect Support, Safeguarding Your Exercise Journey

In addition to comfort and aesthetics, the CharMing&Dream Front Zipper Sports BRA emphasizes the functionality of sports underwear. Using advanced technology, it provides stable support, freeing you from constraints during exercise. The widened bottom band design prevents sagging, while the anti-peek design ensures zero embarrassment during workouts.

Product Details

  • Fabric Name: Nylon/Nylon
  • Main Fabric Composition: Nylon/Nylon
  • Main Fabric Content: 90%
  • Lining Composition: Nylon/Nylon
  • Lining Content: 90%
  • Style: Sports
  • Place of Origin: Shantou
  • Cup Type: 3/4 Cup
  • Cup Type: Thin Upper and Thick Lower
  • Strap Type: Fixed Double Straps
  • Buckle Type: No Buckle
  • Function: Massage, Gather, Seamless, Breathable, Lift Up, Seamless, Beautiful Back, Absorb Sweat, Anti-peek, Adjustable, Comfortable, Big Open Back, Side Collection, Chest Reduction, Big Chest Looks Small
  • Color: Midnight Black, Sand Pink, Starry Blue, Embossed Green
  • Size: S (Up to 95 pounds), M (95-110 pounds), L (110-130 pounds), XL (130-150 pounds)
  • Applicable Age Group: Youth (18-40 years old)
  • Cup Fabric: Sponge
  • Main Fabric Content: 90% (Included) – 95% (Not Included)
  • Strap Material: Nylon

Technical Details

  • Removable Chest Pad: Provides a comfortable and elastic feel, slightly thickened to gather the chest shape, easy to replace and clean
  • Widened Bottom Band: Front zipper, widened to fit the waist and abdomen, stable and prevents sagging
  • Cross Back Design: Breathable fabric, anti-slip and pressure relief, revealing sexy butterfly bones
  • Comfortably Dry: Exercise without feeling stuffy, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in sports

In Conclusion

The CharMing&Dream Front Zipper Sports BRA is not just a piece of sports underwear but also your thoughtful companion in your active life. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, it will bring you more comfort and confidence. Choose the right size for yourself now and make your exercise more relaxed and enjoyable.


重量0.3 公斤

午夜黑, 砂粉色, 星朗蓝, 浮雕绿


S(95斤内), M(95-110斤), L(110斤-130斤), XL(130斤-150斤)





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